110v Water Coolers for Construction Companies

Aquaplus is a specialist supplier to the construction industry, with our offering of 110V water coolers being a popular choice.

Most insurance companies insist on all non-cabin electrical items being rated for 110V to protect against the risk of death or injury, and the construction industry has a legal obligation to offer fresh drinking water. As a result, there are frequently urgent requirements for these products that can prove difficult to source.

Aquaplus reserve a stock of 110v coolers and can respond to the demand, even with very short notice. Call us today to enquire about availability and the unique service we can offer the construction industry.

  • Next-day delivery and collection of water coolers
  • Guaranteed next-day delivery of water
  • Next-day call outs for repairs
  • Supply of both 240V and 110V water coolers
  • Dedicated account managers on both a local and national level


At Aquaplus, we offer a range of rental water coolers and water dispensers to customers across London. Take a browse of our bottled water coolers, and plumbed water coolers that are available on rental basis below and find your ideal hydration solution.


Construction sites water coolers in London

bottle water delivery

Enjoy our natural mineral water bottled exclusively for Aquaplus in London for out bottled water cooler customers.

Suitable for any location

The bottled water coolers can be situated in any office space or home location you choose giving you great flexibility.

Scheduled deliveries

As part of your service agreement you will receive free deliveries of regular water bottles and maintenance of you water cooler.



Our water cooler bottles (18.9Ltr & 11Ltr) are filled with natural mineral water. We are one of the few water cooler companies that offer premium water in larger sizes. We are partnered with Southdowns water who fill our bottles and have a successfull business relationship for more than a decade.