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The arrival of March signifies a key moment in the history of South Downs Water as our 100% recycled plastic bottles start to be rolled out. As one of the first companies to make the switch, using 100% recycled bottles puts South Downs Water at the forefront of the bottled drinks industry but crucially, changes the whole approach to bottled water by creating a circular economy. 

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What is a Circular Economy?

The circular economy breaks the traditional linear mould of manufacturing. Put simply, it refers to a system that eliminates waste by reusing existing resources time and time again. 

For South Downs Water, this means using plastic which has been used at least once before to make all of its plastic bottle lines. This keeps plastic in a closed loop system, which is often referred to as a circular economy. 

The same applies to glass, and we’re encouraging everyone to recycle their glass bottles to achieve the same circular economy.

Why create a circular economy?

Nestled at the foot of the South Downs National Park, we love where we live and we want it to stay that way for generations to come.  

Our drive to introduce 100% plastic bottles stemmed from our belief in the global need to re-think how plastic is manufactured, used and recycled. Whilst acknowledging that collectively we all have a long way to go, South Downs Water is continuing on its sustainability journey and is constantly looking at ways to adapt and change, where possible, to keep plastic in a closed loop system – and out of the rivers, oceans and countryside.

There is a general move away from plastic and that has been reflected in our ever-growing numbers of glass bottle orders – but it’s just as important to recycle glass bottles to achieve the same closed loop system.

There are some instances that still need plastic e.g. at events, concerts, and venues like beaches where sharps from glass or aluminium could cause harm. Furthermore, it doesn’t address the big elephant in the room; an enormous volume of pre-existing plastic that is able to be recycled and reused. 

Where plastic does need to be used, or is the most practical solution, we saw an opportunity to supply it in a way that is more sustainable and better for our planet and give consumers the choice to buy better.  

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What does this mean for me as a consumer? 

Buying South Downs Water means buying better. Not all plastic is equal; our customers can be assured that they are buying into our circular economy and helping to re-use existing plastic rather than create virgin material. 

Importantly, we encourage everyone to recycle all of their plastic (and glass!) so that it stays in the closed loop system we’re creating.

Think globally, act locally, recycle responsibly.

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