Water Dispenser /or Wall Mounted Cup Holder.

Space Saving Cup Dispenser, Dust proof, Cup Organizer, Rack Perfect for Paper or Plastic Cup.

Diameter 5-7.5cm (100 cups)


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  • Eco-Friendly Material: The cup dispenser is made of high-quality hard ABS and transparent PP material, eco-friendly, strong but lightweight, heat resistant, safe and healthy for long-lasting use.
  • Transparent Visual Window Design: Transparent visual cup dispenser helps you to check the use of the paper cups for timely replenishment. Practical and modern stylish water cup dispenser fit all kind of decor.
  • keep clean: There is a head cover to protect the inner paper cups from dust, dirt, water, etc. It is very practical and clean.
  • Functions: It is a cup holder which can take out paper cup smoothly one by one with a cup dispenser. Easy replenishment, just open the top cover and insert the cup from the top, so storing and organizing the cup will be easier.
  • Easy to Install: Hardware Included for mounted-come with all the hardware including screw panel, adhesive board, back adhesive for easy installation and fixation on the side of the machine.
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